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In our conception, a ‘book’ is a reading experience that can travel any audio-visual media platform, including print.  We, therefore, innovated the ‘AniBook’ or animated book, to support early reading and language skills. 

AniBooks flow from a simple fact – children love to watch cartoons. Thus, AniBooks are animated stories for children, with the narration appearing on-screen as Same Language Subtitles (SLS). Every word is highlighted in perfect timing with the audio narration, thus strengthening reading skills, automatically and subconsciously.

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Why AniBooks?

  • Powered by Same Language Subtitling (SLS).

  • Makes reading fun, automatic and inescapable.

  • Supports the deaf and hearing impaired.

  • Helps in learning new languages.

  • Platform agnostic: print books, CDs, DVDs, TV, computers & mobile apps.

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