BookBox was born in 2004 after winning a business plan competition at Stanford University.

We are a social enterprise with the vision of creating a “book” for every child around the world in his or her language. We are based out of a small coastal town called Pondicherry in southern India along. We also have operations in the US.

Our mission is to make reading fun and automatic for children. By using something as simple and common as animation/cartoons, to which children are universally drawn to and also have access to every day, we are addressing one of the most important life skills that will aid in all round sustainable development.

We create animated stories with subtitles, called ‘AniBooks’ to support reading and early literacy. We make these AniBooks available on YouTube, broadcast television, and mobile channels. This platform agnostic quality of AniBooks allows for mass distribution at minimal cost.

In keeping with our social goals, we pledge to reinvest 55% of our profits into producing more AniBooks and for research and development to ensure that content is compatible with new technologies and platforms.

Our AniBooks are powered by Same Language Subtitling (SLS), scientifically tested and proven concept for reading skills, language learning and mass literacy by our not for profit partner PlanetRead (www.planetread.org).

Both BookBox and PlanetRead were founded by Brij Kothari, a faculty member at IIM-A,  who began research work on SLS in 1996.

Awards & Recognitions

We use Same Language Subtitling (SLS), which is a globally recognized innovation for improving reading, language learning and mass literacy.

SLS has been recognized by UNESCO, World Bank, Google Foundation, Library of Congress, USAID, Ashoka, Schwab Foundation, Tata Trusts to name a few.

Visit https://www.planetread.org/awards  to know more about SLS.

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