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Friends Section


PlanetRead is a not for profit organization with the simple mission of creating a reading planet – a planet where everyone can read and has access to interesting and affordable reading opportunities in native and other language(s).

Chie Media is an e-learning company based out of Bangalore, India. They bring the smart-channel experience to digital devices and also deliver end-to-end smart channel services– which includes content sourcing, content repurposing, application development and smart-channel operations.

LEAD School is an academic excellence system that delivers excellent curriculum using technology in India. It ensures excellent learning for every student and excellent teaching for every teacher. Visit us to know more!

Auroville international translators is a multilingual team of translators, all native speakers, in the Auroville International Township, India. Avitra’s services comprise.

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Product Review: Animal Stories BookBox Series Video
By Momma’s Becon
Mommasbacon, March 2, 2002

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By Momma’s Becon
Mommasbacon, March 2, 2002

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Customer Stories Section

Customer Stories

“I teach English – and BookBox has changed my life. It’s fantastic in many, many ways.”

– A teacher from Geneva, Switzerland.

“Your product is distinctly different from what is available.. and sorely needed. As an ELL teacher, I can see that this resource has the potential for being in high demand to content teachers..”

– ELL Teacher from, Massachusetts, United States

I believe that your site is invaluable not only for children but for adults too. I am personally using it and plan to get a firm grounding in several languages that way.

– An adult language learner

I just stumbled upon your website and I love it!!! I am planning on using it in my French language classroom.

– A French teacher

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Awards Section

Awards & Recognitions

We use Same Language Subtitling (SLS), which is a globally recognized innovation for improving reading, language learning and mass literacy.

SLS has been recognized by UNESCO, World Bank, Google Foundation, Library of Congress, USAID, Ashoka, Schwab Foundation, Tata Trusts to name a few.

Visit PlanetRead Awards to know more about SLS.

Best Content
DVD Awards Foundation, India 

First Place Winner

Dr. Toy’s Ten Best Audio-Video Products, USA 

Dr. Toy’s 100 Best Children’s Products, USA

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Our Story

BookBox was born in 2004 after winning a business plan competition at Stanford University. We are basically a social enterprise with the vision of creating a “book” for every child around the world in his or her language. We are based out of Pondicherry India and also have a partner office in the US.

We have been on a mission to make reading fun and automatic for children around the world. It is a well known universal fact that children love animation. By adding Same Language Subtitling (SLS) to something that children already love, we are giving them subconscious reading practice.

We therefore create animated stories powered by SLS. We call them ‘AniBooks’. We make these AniBooks available on YouTube, broadcast television, and mobile channels. The platform agnostic quality of AniBooks allows for mass distribution at minimal cost.