Celebrating Independence Day at Ramakrishna Primary School

Based in the heart of the town, Ramakrishna School is funded and supported by the Ramakrishna Trust. Starting from Primary to higher secondary, they have an average of 600 students.

Interaction with Children

On the occasion of Independence Day, we conducted a small event at the school for the class 3rd and 4th children where we played our Dr. Kalam & Dr. Kiran Bedi childhood stories. Children were enthusiastic in telling us the moral of the stories and some were even good at narrating it to us in their own words. We had an interactive session with the children wherein we discussed their dreams and aspirations.

We also conducted a story telling session and explained to the children how to create compost with vegetable waste at home and how it’s beneficial for the plants. They were very enthusiastic and many wanted to plant and make compost.

A coloring session with the children, where each one were exploring with colors.

A Day at Deepsthal Learning Centre
Story viewing Session with Children

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