Story viewing Session with Children

Based in the heart of the town, Ramakrishna School is funded and supported by the Ramakrishna Trust. Starting from Primary to higher secondary, they have an average of 600 students.

Had a wonderful story viewing session with children where we shared our latest stories and overall got an amazing response. The stories where primarily on Environmental issues and hygiene which were well received by the children and as well the teachers. We conducted activities around the stories like Q&A, read long with the stories and storytelling by children in their own words. We were happy to see the children enthusiastically participate and looking forward for more of our stories.

On the other hand, had quite an informative discussion with the teachers and headmistress on how our stories are helping children improve their vocabulary. Teachers even use some of our stories in their English classes. The headmistress was indeed very happy while talking to us about the event and prompted us for regular visits.

Over all, it was a good exchange of knowledge for all of us.

Celebrating Independence Day at Ramakrishna Primary School
‘The First House’ – An Audio Visual Story by BookBox

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